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"A unique name for a reason"
We are happy to offer embroidered monogramming services on your products.  We can add either initials or a name to a product.

A few things to please keep in mind…

We need to see the product to ensure we are able to embroider on it.


Socks do not embroider well, as they need to be stretched open and after stitching, it does not lay nicely.


We do not embroider on leather or karate belts.


There is a minimum $10 fee for monogramming.  The cost is based on finished stitch count and difficulty of stitching.  We will quote once we see the product.


We are not responsible for any damage to your product, however, we will do our best to take care of your product.


Please make an appointment to drop off your product.  As our policies state, our goal is to have your order done within 10 business days.  Please be aware, there are usually other orders ahead of yours.

Contact us for inquiries or to place an order