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"A unique name for a reason"
About Us
If you are wondering why we chose a name like TacoBird for our business, well... it relates to a hobby of ours and a chance meeting Becky had with a stranger at a McDonald's in Shrewsbury, PA.

First, a little bit of who we are...

Ken & Becky first met back in 1992 at a local pet bird club in York, PA. Ken had a Green-winged macaw and a couple of Nanday conures. Becky, had a Blue & Gold macaw (Felix), an Eleanora cockatoo and several pairs of cockatiels and lovebirds that she bred. Ken was shy but found a way to Becky's heart by asking if she would bird-sit his macaw, Taco, and his pair of conures while he vacationed in Florida for the holidays. It wasn't long after, that they started dating and on August 28, 1993 got married.

OK, so Ken has a bird named Taco. But that still doesn't answer the question, "Why TacoBird?"

Well, one day Becky took Taco along to the local McDonald's for lunch. She decided the two of them should eat outside at a picnic table so that Taco could enjoy one of his favorite foods, French fries. Soon a mother and her young daughter walked by and Becky overheard the mother say, "Look honey, it's a Taco bird." Becky looked up at the stranger, a bit puzzled, and said "This is a Taco bird!"

Both women briefly stared at one another when the Mommy finally said, "Are you Ken's wife?" It turns out the Mommy was a friend of Ken's sister that Becky had never met before. The two of them had a good laugh over it.

From that day on, TacoBird became our email address. When we then decided to create a company and incorporate, TacoBird seemed perfect. Had it not been for Taco, we would never have gotten together.

When we had our daughter back in 2003, we decided that Becky would stay at home with her and focus on TacoBird, Inc. We continue to increase our product lines and are so appreciative to our clients that have made us successful.

Kristina is now in high school and Becky is able to continue to work from home. It is wonderful for our family and very convenient for our clients. We are available most evenings and weekends.

Thank you for your support!
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